What resources are available for the PedFACTs Course?

The PedFACTs educational materials include: Participant Manual; Teaching Package, which includes an Instructor’s Toolkit CD and DVD, and web site (www.pedfactsonline.com), which prepares caregivers and teachers to appropriately recognize and respond to the ill or injured child.

The Participant Manual includes information on the following topics:

•What is Pediatric First Aid?
•4Cs of Pediatric First Aid
•Difficulty Breathing
•CPR and Choking Relief
•Loss of Responsiveness, Fainting and Head Injuries
•Allergic Reactions
•Bites and Stings
•Poisonings and Ingestions
•Controlling Infection, Bleeding and Swelling
•Bone, Joint, and Muscle Injuries
•Cold- and Heat-Related Injuries
•Eye Injuries
•Oral Injuries
•Common Chronic Diseases
•Common Childhood Illnesses

PedFACTs instructors are encouraged to visit the PedFACTs web site at www.PedFACTSonline.com. The web site contains up-to-date information about course materials and supplementary electronic materials. It also includes responses to frequently asked questions. Please send any suggestions for additional online resources to pedfacts@aap.org.