What is the instructor to student ratio for PedFACTs courses?

To have the best learning experience, adult students must have the opportunity to actively participate in course activities. PedFACTs courses require an instructor-to-student ratio of 1:6 for small group activities. CPR skills must be taught by an instructor certified in CPR. If more instructors are available, the number of students can be increased by 6 students per additional instructor. Some course activities, such as PedFACTs topic discussions, may be conducted with students in a larger group. The instructor-to-student ratio should not exceed 1:18 for large group activities. Experience shows that the smaller the instructor-to-student ratios, the better the learning experience.

Large group activities (1:18 ratio)
• PedFACTs topic discussions
• Video demonstrations
• Scenario discussions

Small group activities (1:6 ratio)
• CPR skills stations*
• Choking relief skills stations
• Medication administration skills stations (if applicable)

*The CPR skills station requires one instructor certified in CPR for each 6 students.