What suggestions are available for marketing of PedFACTS courses?

We understand budgetary concerns that child care centers, school districts, and other organizations have related to securing state mandated first-aid training. The AAP, as well as other groups that offer first-aid training materials, are very sensitive to the unique needs and limited means of this audience.

A couple options that we can suggest to contain costs when utilizing PedFACTS include promoting the hybrid course model and librarying of textbooks. The PedFACTS hybrid course model allows students to work through the self-directed online modules at their convenience and then take a final exam as part of the online modules. Participants in the hybrid course model then come to the course for the hands-on skill stations. This model reduces staff time out of the school/child care setting for a course, as well as minimizes any challenges that result from staff being away from their job responsibilities to participate in the courser. Another alternative is to have the schools and child care centers library a set of PedFACTS 2nd Edition Participant Manuals for their staff ot use (rather than purchase a manual for each staff member) and then purchase individual online access codes for staff members. The online access codes can be purchased for $5.95 each through Jones & Bartlett Learning at ,http://www.jblearning.com/ or via phone at 1-800-832-0034.

Digital textbook formats for the PedFACTS 2nd Edition Particpant Manual are offered for lesser fee than the print textbooks via the publisher, Jones & Bartlett Learning. Visit their webpage with the PedFACTS 2nd Edition offerings and look at "Digital Format Options" on the right hand side of the page for cost information and to purchase the e-texts directly.