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What is a HealthStream ID?

A HealthStream ID is created to allow Providers/Instructors to sync their exam completions if they have multiple accounts. 

For example, if you are an NRP Instructor, your completions and Instructor Led Events at the HealthStream sites you are associated with via the HealthStream ID all count towards the qualifications for renewal. Creating a HealthStream ID allows you to log into the NRP HealthStream account and see your completions and/or Instructor Led Events that you may have completed through your facility.

The HealthStream ID does not replace your current login information nor does it create a separate account.

View our how-to guide for assistance with creating a HealthStream ID Create HealthStream ID.pdf

If you have created a HealthStream ID, but have forgotten your email address or password view our how-to guide for assistance resetting your information Reset HealthStream ID or Password How-To Guide.pdf

(June 2016)

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