How do I begin to set-up and start using content?

These steps will involve your LMS administrator and NRP instructors at your organization.

1. Ensure NRP Instructors complete training modules.

2. Provide the new 7th Edition procedures and information to students.

        a. Utilize an email or addition to the course using your authoring system.

                i. Explain HSTM ID and purpose.

                ii. Take Exam and eSim.

                iii. Register for Instructor-Led Event.

                iv. Present course completion certificate at Instructor-Led Event.

                v. Receive a grade.

                vi. Sign back into your LMS and take final evaluation.

                vii. Receive eCard.

3. NRP Instructors will need to sign into the AAP site and set up their HSTM ID (master account).

        a. Refer to HSTM ID instructions for more detail.

4. Schedule Instructor-Led Events at the AAP site.*

5. Give students access to 7th Edition NRP Provider Curriculum.

6. Conduct Instructor-Led Events.

7. Grade Students.

8. Instruct Students to sign back into your LMS and re-launch curriculum to complete final evaluation and receive eCard.

Note, all events must be set up in AAP site.

(December 2016)