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What are the rules, responsibilities, and eligibility requirements for an Instructor Mentor?

To help give novice Instructors their best start, a mentoring component will be included within the NRP Instructor training program. Going forward, Instructor Mentors will play an integral role in the instructor training process and have full support of the NRP.

Mentors will share their experience and guide their mentees as they navigate the Instructor development process. This is an opportunity for experienced NRP instructors to take a strong leadership role in the development of new NRP Instructors and contributes to our ongoing goal of improving the quality of new NRP Instructors.

An NRP Instructor who has taught at least four NRP Instructor Led Events since completing all requirements to become an Instructor can become an Instructor Mentor. If an Instructor allows their Instructor status to lapse, they need to complete all of the Instructor requirements to once again become an active Instructor and teach 4 NRP Instructor-led Events before becoming an Instructor Mentor.

Instructor Mentors will be required to affirm an Instructor Candidate's qualifications, co-teach at least three courses with a candidate, and facilitate at least one "Debrief the Debriefer" session with the Instructor Candidate following a neonatal resuscitation simulation/debriefing event.

(January 2022)

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