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Why is there a cost associated with the NRP Instructor Renewal Bundle?

NRP Instructors noted the need for tools and resources to assist with course planning and preparation, in addition to continuous and ongoing educational experiences. Based on this feedback, the NRP Steering Committee developed the NRP Instructor Renewal bundle. The Renewal bundle offers several benefits, including:

• All instructional resources in one location (keyword searchable). For example, if the keyword is "laryngeal mask," the Instructor Toolkit database will list links to       NRP Instructor Update articles, instructional videos from the online Instructor Course, any simulation videos using the laryngeal mask, podcasts, NRP eSim, ILCOR worksheets, etc.
• Online exam access for instructors, including continuing 15 hours of education credit
• Online Instructor Course access to instructor candidates and current NRP Instructors
• NRP Live Webinars
• Downloadable PDFs of most commonly used documents and checklists for use in NRP Provider courses

(July 2018)

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