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What if an NRP Provider attends an Instructor-Led Event without having completed Part 1 of the Provider Curriculum (online exam and eSim cases)?

As a general rule, Instructors who deny admission to Providers who have not successfully passed the online exam will achieve good compliance with pre-course exam and enjoy the benefit of Providers who are prepared to spend course time with hands-on skills and simulation training.

Health care professionals who are inexperienced perinatal or neonatal providers will have difficulty with hands-on skills and resuscitation scenarios if the online exam has not been completed as part of the course learning.They should not be admitted to the course as a participant.

Rarely, an Instructor must use his or her own discretion and make an exception to the rule. Health care professionals who have many years of NRP courses behind them may be able to do well with hands-on skills without having completed the online exam; however, they do not achieve NRP Provider status until the Instructor receives the exam verification of the online exam. The instructor must be willing to wait for the learner to submit the online exam verification before submitting a Course Completion Roster and giving the learner an NRP Provider Card. They have up to 1 month from the date of the NRP course to submit his or her online exam verification. (The Instructor may set the exam deadline for a shorter time period than 1 month, if desired).  In this case, the Instructor must be willing to spend the extra time and effort to keep track of this Provider's progress and potentially submit a different online course roster with a different course completion date for this student.  Allowing the student to take the course without having completed the online exam should happen only on rare occasions, and should not be presented as a routine option for Providers.

(July 2018)

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