I want to register a student or an instructor candidate for my instructor-led event but I cannot select them from the Student Search or the Instructor Candidate Search.

Learners will not be able to be registered for the event if:

1. The individual has not enrolled in the curriculum

2. If the have enrolled in the curriculum but have not clicked the Start button for the Part 1 course. 

3. It could also be because the individual is already registered for a different event.  

The Student Search must be used to find individuals that are enrolled in the Provider curriculum. The Instructor Candidate Search must be used to search for individuals that are enrolled in the Instructor Candidate Curriculum. 

If the wrong search issued, the individual will not be selectable (for example, if the Student Search is used to try to find an instructor candidate, the instructor candidate will not be selectable.)

View the Instructor How To Guide.pdf for assistance with adding learners.

(July 2016)