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Under the 7th Edition, are Providers (students) required to complete all skills during the integrated skills station?

NRP Instructors have a tremendous amount of flexibility in determining how to evaluate Providers during the Integrated Skills Station (ISS).

The ISS is the point where the student passes or fails the NRP Provider course. If an Instructor is confident that a Provider knows the NRP flow diagram sequence and he/she has demonstrated this in multiple practice scenarios, Instructors may not need to take the student through numerous scenarios during the ISS. 

However, if the student has never put the entire NRP Flow Diagram together in sequence, the Instructor may need to see the entire sequence in a scenario (or more than one scenario) to ensure that the student understands the sequence and can perform or assist with all interventions,depending on the student's scope of practice. The Instructor can ultimately decide how much the student needs to demonstrate at the point of the Integrated Skills Station. It is up to the Instructor, depending on what the Instructor has already assessed about the student and what the hospital expects the student to do during a neonatal resuscitation. 

(July 2018)

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