I earned an NRP Provider eCard at a hospital, but I have left that hospital and no longer have access to that account. How can I access my eCard?

If you set up and confirmed your HealthStream ID at the hospital, you can create a new account in the NRP LMS and link it to that account. 

To create an account, follow the steps below.

1.  Go to the NRP website at www.aap.org/nrp. Click on “NRP LMS login,” and then click on “First time students click here to register.” 

2. Once your account is created, follow the steps on the HealthStream ID How-To Guide and start from step 3 to link your HealthStream ID to the one you created in your hospital. (If you have created a HealthStream ID, but forgot your password view the HealthStream ID Password Reset How-to Guide)

You will then be able to see your NRP status and a link to your eCard on the Profile > Resuscitation Cards page.

(June 2017)