Why is there a cost for the NRP Online Examination?

While there is a fee associated with this online examination, institutions will ultimately benefit as providers spend far less time away from their patient care duties. Rather than devoting time to lecturing and testing, learners will come to the course having already reviewed the textbook, and been tested on their knowledge via the online examination. With less time spent on paperwork, instructors will have more time to teach hands-on skills, and conduct simulation training. The expertise required to develop and maintain the online examination, however, requires the use of a commercial vendor. We have made every effort to keep the fee as low as possible. Please be assured that the online examination is not a profit-making venture for the NRP. The examination costs $35.00 for individual users.

Institutions will have a variety of payment and implementation options with the new online examination. While you have the option of requiring students to purchase the examination themselves, institutions can reduce costs and streamline the payment process by purchasing the examinations in bulk, or by integrating the examination into their existing Learning Management System. These additional options are offered at no additional charge. For more information on institutional purchase of the online examination, please contact HealthStream at 800-521-0574. 

(January 2017)