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Terminology and Glossary

Electronic Completion Card (eCard)

Instructors and Providers can access their eCard, e-mail the eCard to a third party, and check renewal dates.

Existing Database

The “old” NRP database. All courses taught under the NRP 6th Edition should be recorded in the existing old database.

Master Account (HealthStream ID)

Use a personal e-mail address to establish a master account.  A master account allows access to course records and eCard even if an individual moves to another institution.

Instructor Candidate Bundle

Consists of two parts:

Part 1: Access to the NRP Instructor Toolkit

• 7th Edt. NRP Instructor Exam

• NRP eSim Cases

• Instructor Course learning activity

Part 2: Instructor Led Event portion. Following approval of an Instructor Candidate application, Instructor Candidates must purchase (or be assigned), enroll, and complete the curriculum.

Instructor Led Event

The in-person, Instructor Led portion of an NRP course that includes hands-on skills, simulation, teamwork and communication. Instructor candidates participate in 2 Instructor Led events for the purpose of practice-teaching under supervision of their Instructor Mentor.

Instructor Mentor

Any instructor who has taught four courses since becoming an Instructor. A mentor is responsible for observing and assisting an Instructor Candidate in teaching two Instructor-led Events and conducting a debrief-the-debriefer session.

Instructor Renewal Bundle (for Existing Instructors)


• NRP Instructor Toolkit access

• 7th Edt. NRP Instructor Exam (mandatory)

• NRP eSim Cases (mandatory)

• Instructor Course learning activity (optional)

• Continuing Medical Education Credits

• Instructors must purchase and complete the 7th Edition Instructor Exam and eSim Cases every two years to renew status

Instructor Toolkit

The online administrative and course tools for coordinating NRP courses. Contains the elements previously found in the (retired) instructor manual, as well as video clips, podcasts, forms, etc. (it is part of the Instructor Renewal Course for current instructors and Instructor Candidate Curriculum for new instructors).

Provider Curriculum

Consists of two parts:

Part 1: 7th Edt. NRP Provider Exam and NRP eSim Cases

Part 2: Instructor-led Event

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