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If I do not wish to be an Instructor Mentor, how do I opt out?

If you taught at least 4 NRP courses since becoming an instructor, you will be identified as an Instructor Mentor. If you don’t want to serve as a mentor to others who want to become an instructor, please opt-out.

Here’s how:

This Screen

These Actions

Sign In

Enter User ID & Password. Click LOGIN.

Select Affiliation

Select radio button under Student/Manager. Click PROCEED WITH LOGIN. Then CONTINUE if prompted.

My To-Do List (To Do tab)

· Click Profile tab.

· Choose Resuscitation Credentials from drop-down menu.

My Resuscitation Cards

· Locate NRP Instructor-NRP Instructor Card (7th Edition).

· Click OPTIONS (to the right).

· Choose Manage from the drop-down menu.

Manage Resuscitation Card (box)

· If you see “Opt-Out of Instructor Mentor,” you have been identified as a mentor.

· To opt out, check “I do not want to be an Instructor Mentor.”

· If you do not see “Opt-Out of Instructor Mentor”, then you have not been identified as an Instructor Mentor.

· Click SAVE (if you made changes) or CANCEL.

(May 2019)

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