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  1. What is the recommended instructor-to-participant ratio for APLS courses?

    One instructor for every 6-8 participants.

  2. I am an APLS CD and need a replacement Provider card for a student.

    Please e-mail to make this request, and provide the following required information: CDs name Date of course Name...

  3. PALS General Facts

    Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) May also be referred to as Pediatric ALS Staff contact: Caitlin Hahne -

  4. How can I verify the status of an APLS Provider?

    AAP has developed confidentiality guidelines for instructors and providers. As such, we cannot provide verification of status or personal...

  5. How long are APLS Provider cards valid?

    The APLS Course Completion (Provider) cards are valid for 4 years from the date of course completion.

  6. How do I submit an APLS Course roster?

    Once the CD logs in, select “Courses/Rosters”. Under the heading “My Courses”, there will be sub-headings that say Course...

  7. What is the passing score on the APLS Knowledge Evaluation?

    There are 2 sets of APLS Knowledge Evaluations: Evaluation I and Evaluation II. The passing score is 80% or...

  8. I lost my APLS Provider card.

    To receive a replacement Provider card, you must contact the CD of your course. Only the CD can issue...

  9. APLS General Facts

    Advanced Pediatric Life Support (APLS) May also be referred to as The Apples Course or Apples. Staff contact:  Karen...

  10. What is Life Support Initiatives (LSI)?

    Life Support Initiatives works to advance science and research in pediatric life and create and collaborate on innovative and...

  11. Where can a Course Director locate the APLS Knowledge Evaluation?

    The APLS Knowledge Evaluations can be located in two places: APLS Instructor’s Toolkit CD-ROM The Course Directors Only section of the...

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