Will my hospital be able to purchase a “bundle” of licenses/passwords for students to take the NRP Online Exam?

NRP has partnered with HealthStream, an online learning provider, to host the online exam.There are three options for purchasing and accessing the online exam and there is no additional cost for any of these options: no additional set up fee and no additional per student fee. 

For assistance in setting up institutional purchases, contact HealthStream at 800-521-0574 (Select Option 1, then Select Option 4 for Sales).

1. Individual User: If you are purchasing the NRP Online Exam as an individual user, you can access the online exam by visiting www.healthstream.com/hlc/aap or http://www2.aap.org/nrp and click the NRP LMS Login under Quick Links. 

2. Existing HealthStream Institutional Customer - You may already be an existing HealthStream customer. If your institution is a HealthStream customer, contact your HealthStream administrator about getting the online test assigned to you. Your facility’s HealthStream administrator will purchase and deliver the course to your students as you do other online courses currently delivered to your HealthStream system. This process allows for simple course assignments/auto re-assignment and basic reporting on course completion information.

3. Institutional customer without HealthStream - You may not be a HealthStream customer, but would like access to advanced tracking and performance data about your learners. There are two options:

1. HealthStream Express
* HealthStream will work with a representative from the institution’s IT Department to create a HealthStream Express site that would allow for simple entry of student data, course assignments, automatic re-assignments and basic reporting. There is no additional cost.
* The exam/course can be assigned to the students and/or allowed for self enrollment

2.Examination delivery via your current Learning Management System (LMS)
* If a facility would like the NRP Exam course to be delivered on their current LMS HealthStream can work with your provider to provide this access.
* There is no additional cost. 

(March 2017)