It does not make sense to me that a student would take the test first then meet with the instructor to have the class and skills demonstration presented. This seems backwards to me, please help me understand this new process.

NRP learners who work in a professional capacity in a healthcare setting are more than capable of reading and understanding the Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation, 7th edition and passing an examination. The Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation, 7th edition follows the same format that has earned the textbook critical acclaim for its simplicity and ease of use for many years. 

Many instructors voluntarily implemented the self-study and online examination requirement a few years ago, and thus far, these requirements have not caused a problem for NRP learners or instructors. In fact, most participants appreciate being able to self-study and take the online examination at their convenience instead of sitting through a lengthy class that includes lectures and waiting for fellow students to finish their hard copy examinations.

 While the textbook will largely replace the didactic lecture portion of NRP courses, the instructor will continue to serve as a vital resource for learners as they partake in skills training, simulation, and debriefing. Indeed, this new course format allows instructors to share their wealth of practical knowledge in an even more expansive manner.

Nothing in the revised NRP education methodology forbids an instructor from assisting students during the self-study period of the course. An NRP instructor should be available to students to answer questions or clarify information as needed. You may also encourage small groups of learners to prepare for their NRP course by studying together. The instructor may lead self-study groups if desired. However, the instructor who leads the self-study group by lecturing about every lesson in the textbook to a passive group of learners is doing the learners a disservice. Instead, the instructor should encourage the students take an active role in the learning; for example, by assigning each lesson to a learner and asking that learner to lead a discussion about the Key Points of the lesson. Most important, the group study students should use the opportunity to practice hands-on technical skills, using the actual equipment in an unoccupied infant resuscitation area or your NRP skills area.

(January 2017)