I'm a physician and would like to add my CE credit from the NRP Online Exam, 7th Edition into PediaLink -- how do I do this?

Physicians that complete the NRP Online Exam can self-claim 11 hours of CE credit on PediaLink; here's the process:

ᴑ Log into your PediaLink account
ᴑ Click on the Continuing Education tab -- second from the left
ᴑ Click on the CME Transcript tab -- a window will pop up that a link will open in a new window taking you to the AAP Transcript & Credit Management Tool
ᴑ Click on the Add Self-Recorded Credit tab to enter your information from the NRP Online Exam, 7th Edition, including credit claimed (11 CE hours; number only, no text in this field), Date earned, CME Category I, 7th Edition Online Exam, Online Exam

(January 2017)