What stays the same for the NRP 7th Edition?

The American Academy of Pediatrics requires NRP Provider Card renewal every 2 years; but, your facility may require more frequent renewal. It is the institution’s responsibility to determine the consequences of allowing NRP Provider status to expire.

Any person who works with newborns is eligible to take an NRP Provider course; however, the course has little relevance for a person who has never seen the birth of a healthy term newborn.

All learners may study, practice, and demonstrate all NRP skills if desired, including intubation and emergency umbilical venous catheter placement. NRP does not certify or ensure competence to perform these skills in an actual resuscitation.

Components of the in‐person NRP Provider course include Performance Skills Stations (optional), Integrated Skills Station (required) and Simulation and Debriefing (required).

The recommended NRP instructor to learner ratio at a Provider course is 1 instructor to 3‐4 learners.

(May 2016)