What are benefits of the new NRP Database and Learning Management System?

Highlights of the new database include:

 Electronic Card and Record Maintenance: Instructors and leaners will be able to access their NRP course completion card online by logging into their user profile. No more waiting for NRP cards to arrive in the mail! Electronic card viewing will be optimized for web browsers, tablets, and smart phone devices. Users will also be able to e-mail their cards to any third party, for example, a manager, medical staff office, or any future employer.

 One Location for all NRP Completions: The system will manage all NRP-related activities, including participation in NRP Provider courses, online examination completion, and components of Instructor Toolkit Access. It will be a "one-stop-shop" for everything NRP!

 New Roster Processing System: Courses will be created in the system prior to the course, and learners can pre-register for the course. Because learners will have their own accounts it will be unnecessary to manually enter their information. Instructors will also be able to track student online examination completion to ensure learners have completed the pre-course requirements before entering the classroom.

 Post-Course Evaluations: Learners will need to submit a post-course evaluation in order to receive their NRP cards. The post-course evaluation is designed to provide constructive feedback to instructors and help identify ways to continually improve the NRP course experience.

(May 2016)