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How can an Instructor view all of the Instructor-Led Events they have taught?

To view 6th edition courses taught in the last four years:

  1. Log onto the NRP LMS here, use Instructor ID for the User ID.
  2. Choose the Student Manager affiliation
  3. Go to the Completed tab
  4. 6th edition rosters will be listed as “NRP 6th Edition Instructor-Led Event” and show the date of the roster
  5. Pay close attention to the date range you are viewing and change accordingly to view rosters submitted within a specific time range

To view 7th edition Instructor-Led Events:

  1. Log onto the LMS where the events were entered (either through the institution or through the NRP LMS). If unsure which account was used, contact whomever entered the ILE into HealthStream
  2. Once logged in, choose the Administrator affiliation
  3. The page titled “My Events” will display any ILE’s the Instructor is listed as personnel for. Pay special attention to the date range listed and change accordingly to view any events posted within a specific time range.

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