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How does one become a PedFACTs Instructor?

Anyone interested in becoming a PedFACTs Instructor must complete an application for consideration. More information is available on the PedFACTs website here.

Individuals who fit one of the following three scenarios are eligible to apply to become PedFACTs Instructors:

1) Healthcare professional with teaching experience:
• Complete a PedFACTs Provider Course
• Complete the online PedFACTs Instructor Orientation

2) Qualify for instructor reciprocity (such as professional health educator, state instructor, or an instructor from another nationally recognized training program) because you have adequate content knowledge of first aid, or can demonstrate adequate teaching experience:
•Complete the online PedFACTs Instructor Orientation

3) Healthcare professional but lack teaching experience:
• Take a nationally recognized instructor development course, then
• complete the PedFACTs Provider Course, and lastly
• complete the online PedFACTs Instructor Orientation.

All new PedFACTs Instructors must complete the online Instructor Orientation. When you login, you will be required to submit an online application before continuing. The orientation discusses instructor responsibilities, course coordination, student evaluation, and documentation requirements. At the end of the orientation is a 25-question instructor test which you will need to pass with an 80% or higher.

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