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What is the instructor-to-student ratio for the onsite portion of a PedFACTs course?

PedFACTs courses require an instructor-to-student ratio of 1:6 for small group activities. CPR skills must be taught by an instructor certified in CPR. If more instructors are available, the number of students can be increased by 6 students per additional instructor.

Some course activities, such as PedFACTs topic discussions, may be conducted with students in a larger group. The instructor-to-student ratio should not exceed 1:18 for large group activities. Experience shows that the smaller the instructor-to-student ratios, the better the learning experience.

Large group activities (1:18 instructor-student ratio limit)
• PedFACTs topic discussions
• Video demonstrations
• Scenario discussions

Small group activities (1:6 instructor-to-student ratio limit)
• CPR skills stations*
• Choking relief skills stations
• Medication administration skills stations (if applicable)

*The CPR skills station requires one instructor certified in CPR for every 6 students.

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