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What is involved in taking the pre-test for the PedFACTs course?

All students must take the PedFACTs pretest. To do so, first, login to the PedFACTs web site at Then, redeem your unique access code and take the pretest. At the end of the pretest, you will be able to print out the Pretest Certificate. Bring this certificate with you to the course. 

A unique access code is located on a card in the front of every PedFACTs Participant Manual. Access codes are redeemable for a single registration. If the silver foil is scratched off, the access code has most likely already been used and is no longer valid. 

Use the pretest to identify topics that you may need to review from the Participant Manual prior to attending the onsite or hybrid version of the course. 

(March 2022)

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