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What materials are required for the CPR Skills Station part of the PedFACTS course?

 The required supplies for the CPR and Choking Relief Skills Station are as follows:

One child manikin* (at a minimum) for each group fo 6 students
One infant manikin* for each group of 6 students
One adult manikin*
AED (optional)
CPR Anytime Kit** for each student (optional)
Face shields
Sanitizing supplies
Paper towels

*Use a manikin with a mouth/airway, closed chest, and full body if possible. This type of manikin best demonstrates abdominal thrusts and attempted removal of an obstruction if visible. This type of manikin also allows students to demonstrate effective rescue breaths with adequate chest rise.

**CPR Anytime does not have a full body, but it is an optional manikin product.

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