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How do I know whether to take the Essentials or Advanced NRP?

Each organization will determine its own policy for who should attain NRP Essentials or NRP Advanced provider status. Ideally, this policy should be written before NRP 8th edition Provider Courses begin. Anyone who is involved in the care of a newborn should take NRP Essentials.  NRP Advanced is appropriate for those who attend births and are responsible for anticipated resuscitation of a newborn with known risk factors, and for those who participate in neonatal resuscitation beyond positive-pressure ventilation.

The AAP will not deter any NRP learner from taking either course option. If a healthcare professional is unsure about which NRP level to take, they should probably take NRP Advanced and should check with their institution.   

Anyone wishing to become an NRP Instructor candidate must have a current NRP 7th edition Provider card or have current NRP 8th Edition Advanced provider card.

(April 2021)

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