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How many continuing education credits can I receive for taking NRP 8th edition curricula?

We provide continuing education credit for the online portions of the Provider and Instructor Candidate curricula, and for the Instructor Renewal Curriculum.  The amount of credit awarded varies based on the curriculum and what type of credit you will be claiming.  Please see the breakdown of credit hours below:

Ohio Nurses Association:
Essentials Provider: 4.6
Advanced Provider: 11.9
Instructor Candidate or Renewal: 12.8
RQI for NRP Entry: 4.6
RQI for NRP Quarterly: 1

Essentials Provider: 5
Advanced Provider: 12
RQI for NRP Entry: 5
RQI for NRP Quarterly: 1

Essentials Provider: 5.0
Advanced Provider: 12.0
Instructor Candidate or Renewal: 13.0
RQI for NRP Entry: 5.0
RQI for NRP Quarterly: 1

(May 2021)

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