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Will a course completion card be issued if a provider participates in an Instructor Led Event outside of the USA?

The NRP Steering Committee encourages host country of neonatal resuscitation training for the most effective dissemination and implementation of the program. Therefore, it is acceptable and most likely necessary, to customize the NRP according to host country resources, policies and practices. We encourage you to contact local authorities and network with local pediatric or neonatal organizations to develop such a country-owned model.

Host country ownership is particularly important if a card is desired by course participants. Neonatal Resuscitation Program Provider Cards are not generally issued outside of the United States (one exception being for training that is led by the US military overseas). The primary rationale for this policy can be summarized as follows:

* Although the educational principles of the AAP/AHA Life Support educational programs developed for use in the United States can be adapted for other countries, conducting the programs exactly as they are conducted in the United States may not be appropriate.

* Appropriate health care organizations in other countries should be encouraged to develop a structure for implementing life support programs that will address educational needs unique to their country. This could include recognizing instructors, conducting training courses, awarding Course Completion Cards or certificates, and instituting a mechanism for tracking the number of people trained.

Individuals outside the United States are welcome to complete the NRP Online Exam; however; its use should not be construed as an endorsement of a country’s neonatal resuscitation courses. 

(July 2018)

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