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What are the Instructor-led course format options for the 8th edition Instructor-led Events?

The NRP Provider course requirements include an online exam, skills evaluation, and simulation and debriefing. 

The NRP 8th edition suggests the use of two course formats, suitable for Essentials and Advanced learners. 

Provider Course Format #1: Sequential Practice and Evaluation

    This format is most appropriate for new NRP learners and those who infrequently use NRP Essentials or Advanced skills.

    In this format, learners will sequentially review and practice the skills from each lesson within the Essentials or Advanced curriculum with the instructor.

    At the end of each lesson, the instructor uses the NRP Practice Scenarios in the textbook to evaluate the learner’s ability to lead their team through the resuscitation in the correct sequence and perform the relevant technical skills. Each Practice Scenario builds on the knowledge and skills from previous lessons, giving the instructor an opportunity to observe each learner lead their team through a series of scenarios of increasing complexity.

    When the learner has completed all Practice Scenarios in their course without requiring significant corrections/coaching, they have successfully passed the final component of evaluation in the NRP Provider Course and may proceed to Simulation and Debriefing.

Provider Course Format #2: Comprehensive Skills Test (“test out”)

    Provider Course participants who resuscitate newborns frequently and are experts at resuscitation (Essentials or Advanced skills) may “test out” of the sequential practice and evaluation course by leading their team of participants (who are probably also testing out) through at least one NRP algorithm sequence and performing role-relevant skills.

    The Comprehensive Skills Test requires a team resuscitation and is not a one-person “check-off.”

    Testing out of complex resuscitation skills is not appropriate for health care professionals who rarely participate in complex resuscitation. In hospitals where complex resuscitation is an uncommon occurrence, it is possible that no one will be eligible to test out of the skills in Lessons 5 through 7.

    Learners who successfully “test out” have passed the final evaluation point of the NRP Provider Course and may proceed to Simulation and Debriefing.

    Learners who make significant errors and require coaching during the scenario(s) should be directed to their hospital NRP remediation plan or to the Provider Course that uses the sequential practice and evaluation format.

    This format is not designed to be a “short course.” For expert resuscitators who test out, the simulation and debriefing component is an opportunity to practice challenging scenarios that require critical thinking and effective teamwork and communication. What scenarios do they find most stressful? What NRP Key Behavioral Skills are lacking in clinical practice? Simulation and Debriefing is the safe place to take on these challenges.

NRP instructors are not required to offer the Comprehensive Skills Test (Testing Out) format. 

(January 2022)

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