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What is an access code, and do students need to have one?

PEPP Precourse Work

All students must redeem an access code in order to complete the required precourse work for their PEPP course. Students will redeem an access code online on the Jones & Bartlett Learning website. The access code is located within the inside cover of a new PEPP textbook or purchased individually, and allows access to the pretest or modules.


Access Codes:

 A student purchased a new textbook
 They will find the access code in the inside cover of the textbook.
 A student borrows or libraries a book
 They must purchase a separate access code through Jones and Bartlett Learning.

Precourse Work:

 A student is taking a traditional onsite course
 They must complete the pretest in advance of the onsite course.
 A student is taking a hybrid or Renewal course
 He/she must complete the 9 online modules in advance of the onsite course

(October 2018)

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