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What fees should a Course Coordinator charge for the PEPP Course?

The AAP does not charge instructors to conduct PEPP courses, and, therefore, do not mandate or make recommendations for what to charge for courses, as each case is different. Due to several factors, the overall cost to implement a PEPP course can vary. For example, the course is mostly equipment based. Since medical equipment is expensive, instructors are not expected to purchase ALL of the materials. Rather, some instructors borrow various equipment from other agencies.

With regard to the Medical Advisor and Faculty Members, there is no set price for their compensation. Some individuals volunteer their services or others may help to attain CEU’s. A few choose to receive a small honorarium.

A checklist for “Preparing for the PEPP Course” in the PEPP Instructor's Toolkit may help you determine the cost.

(March 2022)

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