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PEPP Course Coordinators who have assisted with a course, but have not received credit for teaching the course.

This could be for a variety of reasons:

  1. The roster entered is only saved in the database and not yet submitted to us. Please login to the PEPP website and go through the submission process.
  2. The lead PEPP CC responsible for submitting the roster may not have done so yet.
  3.  Another individual who submitted the roster for the lead CC inadvertently left the person’s name off the roster.
  4. The roster may have been initially rejected, and the CC did not re-submit it with the required changes. Contact the lead CC to check status of the roster.
  5. The roster was submitted, but the email address for the assisting instructor was added incorrectly.

Please email with the course(s) information (course date and name of lead CC).

(March 2022)

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