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How to become a PEPP Course Coordinator?

The following criteria is required for becoming a Course Coordinator:

1.  Be a physician, registered nurse, physician assistant, paramedic or EMT
2.  Have EMS teaching experience OR experience in coordinating another nationally   recognized course for teaching prehospital personnel
3.  Successfully complete the PEPP provider course at the level for which you wish to teach (ALS or BLS). You must be a current PEPP Provider (i.e. have taken a PEPP course in the last 2 years).
4. Submit an online application by visiting .
5.  Complete the Course Coordinator Orientation module. A score of 80 or higher must be achieved in order to pass.
6. Complete the PEPP, Fourth Edition Course Coordinator Orientation at:

7.  Be knowledgeable of the most current PEPP course material and administrative policies.

(March 2022)

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