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What is the difference between HBB and NRP?

The HBB program was specifically designed to meet the needs of resource limited environments; therefore, NRP certification does not qualify a person to teach HBB. You may find that having a background in NRP will give you an interesting perspective on HBB.  However, NRP training should not be considered an acceptable substitution in lieu of HBB training. These two programs are different in a number of ways. While both HBB and NRP are based on the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation(ILCOR) guidelines, they are designed for vastly different care environments,especially with respect to resources. The HBB curriculum is designed for environments where human and technical resources are limited. More importantly, the HBB and NRP curriculums are not the same – HBB utilizes a different educational methodology and the training is comprised of unique mentorship and quality improvement components necessary to adequately equip North American trainers with the skills and knowledge to successfully teach HBB in low-resource settings around the world. Visit the HBS website to learn more.

(June 2018)

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